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I am in the business of offering friendly, knowledgeable piano services at competitive rates. As a fulltime piano technician, I have acquired, over the past 44+ years, the experience and ability to provide nearly any type of acoustic piano service and restoration. I haven’t stopped there, as an active associate member of my Piano Technician Guild chapter I continue to learn as well as share my knowledge with others.
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I promised myself three things when I began my career over 44 years ago as a piano technician.
I would never refuse to work on any piano just because of the type of piano it was, in other words look down on certain styles, types or brands of pianos to the point of refusing to work on them. As you can see I also retained my sense of humor!

My second promise was to treat my customers as I would want to be treated. I always try to take the time to explain what needs to be done, why and the cost. I have made it my purpose to make the piano play not to MY standard but my customer’s, I make a point of asking my customers what their use, expectations and playing levels are. I then explain the changes/improvements that can be made while keeping in mind it is their piano, their budget and ultimately their decision. I never suggest any work just for the money, instead suggesting improvements, adjustments or upgrades as a service where I see opportunity to correct or improve my customer’s playing experience.

The third promise has been easy, to continue to learn more and different techniques in my profession as it progressed and changed. I believe I have and continue to accomplish these goals. Belonging to the PTG and having access to the acquired knowledge of not just the many knowledgeable and brilliant people in my chapter but to all of the membership in this country as well as around the globe.

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